Katy Perry New Album – “One Of The Boys”


Lately, I’ve been getting frustrated with alot of the hip-hop that’s being put out. So I couldn’t help but to find myself exploring with other types of music. A couple weeks ago I think I heard Howard Stern talk about this song that’s causing controversy because its about girls kissing girls and lesbians are getting mad because they think it makes “lesbian-ism” seem like a social thing, err, like an experiment to have fun. Well, it turned out, Katy Perry was the artist Howard was talking about and since I heard the song “I Kissed A Girl”…I’ve been hooked. Its definitely not hip-hop. Its probably so far away from hip-hop that its not even funny. But you know, its different, its fun and as much as I might catch flack for it from my hip-hop heads – its really some good ole’ “I don’t give a fuck about you” kind of music – with a touch of lovery dovey shit here and there. Plus, it don’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes.

You can check out Katy Perry and the rest of the Vans Warped Tour line-up when they pass into town July 12th at Bicentennial Park. And below is a sample of another controversial track called “You’re So Gay”

Katy Perry – You’re So Gay (from the album One Of The Boys)


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