Macy’s Florida In Downtown Miami Might Move Elsewhere


Most of us grew up knowing it as the old Burdine’s building in Downtown Miami. Well obviously now Macy’s, and the Macy’s Of Florida Corporate Office at that, is considering vacating the historical building that we’ve all grown to love. Beef with the area and an apparent lack of commitment from the local government to live up to promises of pending restorations have angered Big Macy’s and they may end up packing and either moving down the street to Brickell or maybe even find a nice cozy and overlooked section of Downtown Miami to fill.

Macy’s still unsure of downtown Miami’s future

The Downtown Development Authority wants Macy’s to improve its Flagler Street storefront. The government agencies would offer Macy’s incentives that would cover a large part of the costs for facade improvements and replacement of the shutters that block off the store windows after closing time.

The hope is that Macy’s will agree to put up clear shutters that would allow evening strollers to see into the store and window shop after hours.

”It’s about creating a general feeling of openness and welcoming,” said Alyce Robertson, interim director of the DDA. “I do think when you make an area look better at night, people feel safer to be there.”

While Greiner says she’s ”entertaining” the shutter program, she thinks city leaders are focusing too much on something that happens after hours and has no impact on the customers shopping in the downtown area.

”It’s not a fundamental issue of changing the dynamics of the central business district and the retail environment,” Greiner said. “It is a side issue and a cosmetic issue that doesn’t solve my main concern for my business.”

Greiner won’t reveal the timetable for when she must make a decision about Macy’s future downtown, but those familiar with the deal say the next year is critical in convincing Macy’s of the area’s vitality.

”I think over time we’ll earn her trust,” Mayor Diaz said. “You don’t develop a relationship in one day.”

While Macy’s hopes to ultimately keep the store and corporate office in its current location, Greiner says she will continue to explore other options within the downtown area.

”We are actively entertaining opportunities as they present themselves to us,” she said. “We still want to stay here. We just need to have an environment that is conducive to our success.”

Time will tell. This isn’t the first time Macy’s concerns were let out into the public. This discontent has been years in the making.

Source: Miami Herald

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