DRANK…its not a joke


So last February, hip-hop forums chatted up about a “grape-flavored” Anti-Energy drink called Drank. I thought it was a joke then but apparently its the real deal. I saw Perez Hilton make a post about it so I thought I should share with my fellow 305’ers. Anyways, I don’t know what to make of this, but I’m pretty sure its something that originated from Houston. Drank’s company motto is “Slow Your Roll With Drank”.

So pretty much its Drank A.K.A. Lean In A Can B.K.A. Sizzurup In A Small Aluminum Container

Description of Drank: “…We Have Combined Rose Hips, Melatonin And Valerian Root With A Great Tasting Beverage To Create The Industry’s First “Relaxed Lifestyle Beverage” These Ingredients Have The Ability To Relax Your Body, Mind, And Soul, So When Life Comes At You Fast, Just Remember To “Slow Your Roll” With DRANK…”

And you can buy it here for 5 dollars a can and in various bundles also…


UPDATE 6/09: We previously reported that it may be a joke, but apparently its the real deal. Our bads.

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