Interview with the organizers of “Live Fast Die Fresh” – Art Show – Thursday May 29 at PS14 (Miami)


MURK’D is a monthly event showcasing the best in Miami’s local music and art scenes. One month they focus on performances, and the next month they focus on art. This month, the art focus will fall into place via the aptly themed “Live Fast, Die Fresh” show going down this Thursday May 29, 2008 at PS14 in Downtown Miami.  According to one of the show’s organizers, Parable, they wanted to “bring a gallery show to a music venue and incorporate the live music element while having art available and accessible.” Besides the traditional art pieces that tend to appear at an art show; you can expect easily affordable pieces via the cleverly conceived Art Fleamarket. Read on as Parable dives into the inner-workings of what makes Murk’d and a couple words by one of the night’s featured artists, PointTooSicks. And check out a few of the featured pieces of artwork from the show at the bottom of this article.


So the monthly is called Murk’d, where did the name come from?
A lot of people questioned us in the beginning, being that it is a controversial name. You know, because a lot of people associate murk’d with getting murdered. But it was actually like taking that name and that idea of Murk’d, but except having people come out to one of our nights and getting murk’d or murdered with fun, with music and with drunks. We tell people to just come out and get murk’d with us. That name perfectly reflects what we’re trying to go for as a party, as an art show and as a monthly outlet for artist to perform at.

What are you trying to accomplish with the monthly Murk’d events?
We’re trying to bring the edgiest groups and the edgiest art out and just continue to be creative, all in while still remaining fun for those who attend. A lot of people do a lot of creative things with their events and we’re no different. But we’re just trying to take that principle and push it a level up.

This month’s event and theme is called Live Fast, Die Fresh, what is the idea behind the theme?
That idea of living on the edge and it being worth it for that rush that someone like a graffiti artist or street artists gets. And ultimately, what you bring forward being worth it for the value of the artwork and music that you leave behind. Come hard or go home!

What can we expect at the show?
Live painting, video work/projections, performance art and you will definitely see us handing out art as well. But overall, we’re just trying to just have fun with art. We’re trying to take the seriousness out of art and just have fun with it. Aside from your regular gallery with your $150 a piece canvases, we’re also going to have the Art Fleamarket that will have accessible pieces of art that people can purchase for a few dollars. It’ll still be something of value and will be handmade and will be of limited edition. From prints, to shirts, patches, plushes and other handmade artwork.

The Art Fleamarket idea is very unique.
Yeah, and we’re definitely going to take the Art Fleamarket idea to different gallery openings and various other locations beyond Live Fast, Die Fresh

What kind of artists are going to be showcased at Live Fast, Die Fresh?
They’re mostly street artists, but each of them are heavily involved somehow in the art scene. Some are even renowned artists in Tattoo shops. A lot of these guys are heavily established. We wouldn’t just get a roster of no-names, but we did want to take a list of emerging artists and have this as an outlet for them to continue emerge.

And it’s obviously at PS14, and you mentioned music, so are you going to have a DJ spinning for the night?
Push Button Objects will be taking care of the Djing aspect for the next. He’s a DJ, who in my mind is very established and very accomplished nationwide. It’s an honor to have him jump on as part of the team. So we’re kind of using Live Fast, Die Fresh to introduce him as one of the resident DJ’s.

Any last words on why people should come check out œLive Fast, Die Fresh?
All I want to say is that we don’t do this for ourselves. We’re doing this to build a signature event for a growing scene in the art and music communities and the nightlife in Miami. We also want to try and do it all in the form of a collaborative work with other people in those [respective] scenes. We want to grow and do something beyond ourselves. So the basic format will be one month of performances and the next month would be something art related and more geared for the art scene. But we want both scenes to just grow and support each other through MURK’D no matter which month it is. Live Fast, Die Fresh!!!

PS14 – 28 NE 14th Street – Downtown Miami

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