Noelle Theard – To the Barbershop: Call and Response Series #2

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A Call and Response by Noelle Theard and Works from the permanent collection by Richard Davenport. A series of photographs by Richard Davenport, from the Miami Dade Public Library’s Permanent Collection, depicting black barbershops in Miami during the early 1980s, is juxtaposed with new photographs by Miami photojournalist and documentarian Noelle Théard for the second installment of the Library’s Call and Response Series

Noelle Theard is a very talented photographer that I had the pleasure of meeting some time ago while doing an interview of her for 305 Magazine. Her style oozes classic journalism but is also mixed with an aura of hip-hop and an understanding of struggle. That’s the best way I can explain it. I ran into the slideshow above when I visited her myspace. Its an interesting collection of photos as she revisits and re-photographs the same barbershops that photographer Robert Davenport snapped pictures of 26 years earlier.

While many might just see this project from the outside and just see old barbershops – I remember Noelle just explained so well that these barbershops represent life in its most innocent form. From seeing a father take his son to get his first haircut in the very same chair that he [the father] would cut his hair as a child does perpetuate a great deal of meaning. Well, the pictures can only speak for themselves.

I am pretty sure that Noelle portion of the series is part of the permanent collection at the Main Library in Downtown Miami, but I am currently unsure. If you want me to find out, you can email me at and I’ll happily point you in the right direction. Or you can even contact Noelle @

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