Arlington Miami – Tombstone Memorial in Downtown Miami for soldiers who died in Iraq

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If you went by Downtown Miami this weekend, you may have noticed something to the extent of 2,500 tombstones placed on the lawns of Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami. Arlington Miami as its called was originally set up for Veterans Day 2007, but was revived and reinstalled for Memorial Day 2008. The video above is telling and pretty much paints a vivid picture of the purpose of the site, as well as the looming emotion that the site encompasses.

A remarkable cemetery springs up in downtown Miami overnight: thousands of tombstones — one for each American soldier killed in Iraq. A tribute to fallen US soldiers in Iraq. Loved ones, fellow soldiers and passers by are moved to tears by the power of this simple act, created by members of Democracy for America Miami and Miami Veterans for Peace. Filmmakers document the powerful impact of this ephemeral monument on the community.

Click below to see some pictures (Photos By Dro)


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