GRAY FRIDAY: The Cool Kids’ make a song called “Miami Beach”


Within the last couple weeks I’ve been hearing more and more about these guys from Chicago called The Cool Kids. They’ve been given all sorts of compliments, but everyone summarizes them as just being “different”. So my question is, are they good different? Or bad different? Well, somebody sent me their new song “Miami Beach” from their new album The Bake Sale, which is out on May 20th. The verdict: they did exactly what I predicted what somebody that was labeled as “different” would do. They made a song called “Miami Beach” that does not have anything to do with Miami or Miami Beach. I mean they’re good for what they do and the song isn’t bad, but I don’t see the Miami connection with the title…if there is one. Either way, enjoy…

Note: Actually, let me take that back. Maybe the production sounds a little Miami-ish, but besides that, I’m not sure what to look for here. If any of ya’ll know, send me an email:


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