Photo of ZAYRE (Nostalgic Miami)


Good Lord. Look what I found. A picture of a Zayre that existed in The Falls area back in the day. My family used to take me to the one by the Cutler Ridge mall when I was a kid in the 80’s. I’m Dominican so you know that we always be chopping up the English language. Along with many other latino counterparts, my family used to pronounce Zayre as “Sigh-Re”. Shit, I still call it that till this day. Anyways, this is a straight mindfuck. Nostalgia foe’ that ass. And if you want a little more, go to YouTube and search “Zayre”…I’m sure you’ll find something…

Please Note: All credits, copyrights and claims to this photo isby way of Don Boyd. You can check out his Pbase page, where you can find tons of nostalic Miami photos:

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