Kanye West’s “Glow In The Dark” Miami Show (RE-CAPS & REVIEWS)


Recaps & Reviews – Unfortunately, The305.Com wasn’t able to attend the event due to reasons beyond our control. But we have tons of members and viewers of this site that did go or knows of somebody that went. And since we missed the show, along with many of you as well, here’s a couple things various people are saying about last night’s show…(more reviews will be added as we get them in)

Da Big H via our Myspace said:

“…It was pimp tight. Lupe killed it to start followed by NERD Rhianna then Kanye. Chris brown popped up and danced a bit during NERD’s performance. Rhianna did her songs and a couple reggae classics. Justin Timberlake as well as timberland were spotted sitting amongst the crowd in between set changes. Kanye performed back to back songs for a good solid hour. Stage was outfitted as a space ship with an inclined floor made up of LCD screens. Fire, Lights, the whole 9. Encore performance by kanye ended with his Chi-town coming home song…”

Marcella (in the audience) said:

“…The [show] was amazing. The lights, the installations, the effects, soo good.

note: No camera can justify the ambiance….”

Lady Truth from the KanyeUniversecity Forums said:

“….This was so amazing! I had the best seat in the house (FRONT ROW, DEAD CENTER) so i can honestly say that I saw the whole show, and enjoyed the full spectrum of what was supposed to be delivered. KANYE IS TRULY THE BEST! The way he performed his set, EVERY DETAIL thought out, incredible. The only thing I wish he would’ve done was to be closer to the front row and shook some people’s hands. I know he creates art, and art is not always meant to be experienced by touch so I understand. This night truly changed MY LIFE. if you get to read this Kanye, I was the chick and the front tellin’ you Thank you, curly hair spanish chick… yeah… once again. I would love to meet you and tell you in person. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR ALL OF YOUR INSPIRATIONAL SONGS THROUGHOUT THE YEARS… YOUR #1 FLORIDA FAN.AND YES, THIS WAS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR!!!!!….”

Cloud from The305.Com Forums said:

“…i had a good time, dope show! lupe opened it up. he did pretty much his whole entire catalog. all the hits plus underground hits, kick push dope set. nerd was next and man i really loved their set, they did this new joint off the new album called “spazz” and man that joint has a climax that really hits hard in a concert venue or just period, chris brown came out and crumped to it, very dope. they did all the hits, not as long of a set as i wanted but still one of the highlights for me. third was rihanna which was mostly something for my girl, she was ok to me, sexy as hell though. and kanye wow..this dude is like the michael jackson of hip hop, his set was crazy, the intro to it with the spaceship crashing the whole movie feel and theme park ride feel to it was sick. he performed each song with so much heart and energy. he did all the hits funny part during his set is when he had been “stuck on the planet for so long” he said man “i need some pus…” stopped then the female robot controlling the spaceship was like “maybe i can help you with that” then turned into bangin girl on screen which was the intro for gold digger, overall dope show. my only complaint was the lack of surprise guests with that said timbaland came out in the audience to front of house and just hung out there for a bit during the intermission before kanye’s set and the whole place went nuts…”

Brett from KanyeLive.Com said:

“…I heard Pusha T was there (From the Clipse). And I was a foot away from Sean Kingston. He was probably in the luxury boxes or whatever, because he came out an entrance nobody else came out except of a few security guards…”

Olsen from KanyeLive.Com said:

“…great show, Ye’s creative as hell.. I saw Cons and Tim up close as well.. Chris Brown was a cool cameo… slightly bummed at no CRS, but hey, great great show.. I wish Lupe’s set was longer, NERD’s was shorter, and Rihanna’s was nonexistant…”

Dutchmaster from The305.Com Forums said:

“…all you rappers out there should learn from kanye how to perform. you don’t need any hypemen. just rap. great show, but I did have my camera taken away right when “can’t tell me nothing” came on. I missed that song and “flashing lights” but talked my way out of having anything deleted. up in the suites they were giving out the plastic glasses and I grabbed like 7 pairs…”

yeezyfan from the KanyeUniversecity Forums said:

“…It feels like miami it feels like miami it feels like miami. Sir Kanye West what a performance. One of the best days of my life, next to my daughter being born and getting married to my wife. You have brought the enjoyment of music back into my life since i first heard through the wire. i dont hear your music i feel your music. Only a true artist can make you feel what they were feeling at the time they were creating their master piece. You sir are that special. Much love and respect…”

DJ CUE said:

“…I was in the middle section(Floor3) row 5 and the show was RIDICULOUS!!!!Lupe tore it up,dude has such swager,NERD…theres no other word but Fresh!Pharell is a genious,Rihanna is so sexxxy! and Kanye is the Personification of Artistic Perfection!what an artist,i forgot i was in a concert it felt like i was in a movie.Best concert ever,I celebrated my 2 year aniversay at the show last night and i coulednt of done anything better thatn GLOW IN THE DARK!…”

Blogger8th And Oh Shit said:

“…at the Kanye West / Rihanna concert: both Timabland with his fiancee and Chris Brown. At one point they played a Timbaland song, and he stood up and called for the crowd to stand with him and cheer / sing. Chris Brown may be taking it easy since the alleged body guard attack on a paparazzi photog last night in Tampa. The photog was reportedly getting to close to his girl Rihanna and seemed to enter the car to take a picture of the two together…which are ofcourse “not together”. A source also tells us that the beaze snuck into the concert as it was ending. And yes, snuck in like when you were a child trying to get a free movie and enter through the backdoor emergency exit….”

Chef hit us up on our Myspace with her recap from her blog at Randumb Miami (Check out her blog at RandumbMiami.Com):

“everyone came out i think they filled up the entire stadium up to the 400 nosebleed section. altho i dont think it sold out..or maybe it did and some people just didnt show up. ::shrug:: nevertheless imma give you a recap of what went down last night. and as usual get you all info’ed up about whats goin down all this week and in the weeks to come show started off at 7:00pm on tha dot which was nice considering were in Miami w. Lupe Fiasco Mr. 1st and 15th himself He started off w. a rockish faster rendition of The coolest Then he went into Hip hop saved my life w. whom i think was Nikki Jean. She had a DIME PIECE shirt w. the Louis Vuitton Millionaire Sunglasses. Got into Hi Definition. then took it back to Kick Push. Went into Go Go Gadget Flow and the crowd was crazy. One of my favorites Paris, Tokyo was next then Streets on Fire. Matthew Santos came on and did Fighters with him and stayed on stage for Superstar that drove everyone crazy. Matthew Santos tho i think was kinda experimenting w. his tones n shit idk if anyone noticed and well im not fuckin Simon Cowell but yea. not cool. stick to the script. and then what i had prayed for… he took it back to food n liquor with Daydream. Everyone went nuts and the sing along was crazy. The had alittle intermission and we went into N.E.R.D. they came w. the live band and i gotta say it just makes you appreciate the music so much to be quite honest im not 39234% sure about their song selection but they kept the crowd hype. Crazy energy surrounded the entire set and that was great. about around the Forth song Chris Brown made an appearence and krumped for the song they were singing. Apparently Mr. Pharrel is now living in Miami and at the end of his set he got up on the speakers to thank everyone..through up his live prosper sign..and then started signaling 3-0-5 and everyone got into it. it was pretty cool he repped for Miami that way. Rihanna was next her intro song was man-eater and…im not sure why that was because that song is by Nelly Furtado. is it cause rihanna is a man-eater? watch yo bbback CB. hm…. ::shrug:: she started with breakin dishes..which i had never heard before ::shrug:: then um..got into break it off followed by pon de replay which was nice to hear. She started getting into some beenie man and she even sang alittle MIA. I went fucking…NUTS you know i love me some MIA. anywho…she went into a wardrobe change and sang SOS then Hate how much i love you and unfaithful. everyone really got into that. then please dont stop the music came on and got everyone hype. the glowsticks the dances had were pretty on point i liked those. aaaand then she capped it off w. umbrella which i believe chris brown shoulda come outta no where considering he was already there ::shrug:: so that was done with and there was a curtain closing setting up for Kanye’s set that took about 45 minutes. Kanyes performance started around 10 and of course everyone went crazy… his set was interesting. big screen came w. stars n shit. like another planet type shit. his spaceship crashed and landed on the stage pretty much so he was laid out and well he got up stylin the yeezys which im not a complete fan of ::shrug:: he had a live band including DJ craze at the bottom of the stage. started off with good morning. then went unto I wonder which i llllove the bass was crazy. then he go into heard um say which was nice to hear then he kinda went into dialogue with is “spaceships computer” and at the end the computer said “remember this isnt your first crash” and through the wire came on…everyone one went crazy i liked how that kinda linked into his crash. then he got into champion and outta nowhere hit me w. get um high and i llllllove that song. i swear if common and talib woulda come out idk what i woulda done. phewwww diamonds from sierra leone was nextttt and then he got into cant tell me nothin which made the crowd go crazy flashing lights came on and the stage lighting was great. flashing lights everywhere of course. everyone was on their feet for the entire performace he just came w. fire and excitement. outta no where some weird alien thing came out and said he was the biggest star in the universe n shit ::shrug:: as he started getting into the song spaceship..the stage lifted like spaceship. fucking great. then all falls down. he got into goldigger and an animated gold woman came on the screen which he felt the need to come up to and rub her ass. lol pretty funny he got into the good life and fucking the stadium..idk how it didnt come down. he did jesus walks and then dear mama. everyone kinda quieted down a bit, lighters def came out, phone screens alla that..i cried alil bit lol. nnnnot gonna lie. it was pretty emotional he took a minute and after the song sat the corner and drink alil sippy sippy and “dont stop believing” came on. yea..he took it back w. that one. we got a close look at the yeezys and im still…nope sorry ::shrug:: then he appropriatly went into stronger. we had the producers booth thing infront of us where timberland was at for the kanye performance. Rihanna ended up coming up there n coolin for the rest of the performance. We noticed that the screen on her blackberry was cracked so hey feel normal youre not the only one thats dropped their phone enuf to crack the front her body guards also didnt let this photog that was up there take a pic of her ::shrug:: so the lights got dark n people shouted for the man..and he came out and did homecoming which was great. then had a little wardrobe change and just put on a butter leather jacket on and did touch the sky..and LUPE CAMMMEE OUUUT which was great…”

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