Miami Sound – Rare Funk and Soul from Miami

Miami Sound
Miami Sound

Miami Sound

I found this record a long time ago at Bluenote Records. I still have it chillin’ in my crib (I’m an avid record collector by the way). But this compilation really shows you that Miami had some funky tunes even in the Motown era of music. A lot of classic breakbeats came from Miami-based musicians, including George Mcrae, Gwen Mcrae and Betty Wright (who’s not featured on this compilation). Download by clicking on the photo and/or clicking the link at the end of this post.

1. All The People – Cramp Your Style
2. Helene Smith – You Got To Be A Man
3. George Mccrae – I Get Lifted
4. James Knight And The Butlers – Funky Cat
5. Gwen Mccrae – 90% Of Me Is You
6. Little Beaver – Funkadelic Sound
7. James Knight And The Butlers – Save Me
8. Joey Gilmore – Do It To Me One More Time
9. Helene Smith – A Woman Will Do Wrong
10. James Knight And The Butlers – Fantasy World
11. Timmy Thomas – Funky Me
12. The New Clarence Reid – Cadillac Annie
13. Frank Williams & The Rocketeers – The Spanish Flyer
14. Della Humphrey – Don’t Make The Good Girls Go Bad
15. Frank Williams & The Rocketeers – You Got To Be A Man
16. Joey Gilmore – Somebody Done Took My Baby
17. Little Beaver – I Love The Way You Love

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