No Trick Up 50’s Sleeve…


Now it turns out that there are some more rumors to all that “Trick signs to G-Unit” talk from last year. From the get, it never made sense to me because Trick Daddy is well infused in Miami’s local hip-hop industry and for the most part, heavily connected with DJ Khaled, and as you know, Khaled via Fat Joe, is not at all friendly with Mr. Curtis “Fiddy Cent” Jackson. So for Trick to sign and side with 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records, it would almost be like “sleeping with the enemy” type shit that really started all this beef bullshit via the “New York” record fiasco with Ja Rule. I mean all this beef between artist is really pointless, but you can’t deny the fact that its making people choose sides. Anyways, just doing my duty and letting you know what’s out there. From A-to-Z, this is all hearsay. So here’s what ya’ boy Illseed from Allhiphop is saying:

“…Remember all those rumors about Trick Daddy joining G-Unit? Well, I am told we can basically scrap those rumors. I heard that this was something that was in the works, but it was halted by the politics of the day. As you know, Trick Daddy is from Miami and…DJ Khaled is one of the biggest and most sparkly spin doctors in Miami (and the world). Well, Trick was all ready to sign, I heard, but the politics of the game came in. 50 Cent and G-Unit don’t get along with Khaled….and Khaled has radio on lock. So I heard people let Trick know that if he went that route, some of those promotional avenues and support systems may not be so readily available for him. I guess Trick Daddy stayed with the home team…”

Illseed, Allhiphop.Com

My thoughts: Again, its all hearsay. But the fact remains that Trick is without a label to support him and his next endeavor. My personal opinion, I think Trick should just patch things up with Slip-N-Slide, drop Atlantic from the mix, and then get some kind of Def Jam partnership poppin’ for his next album. He needs to get some A-list hip-hop producers, as well as do a couple songs with the talented upcoming ones that he worked with on his last album (Kane and Goldrush who are both dope) and BAM…enter BIllboard at #1.

Trick still has that raw energy that we all came to love. He just needs the financial backing of a record label that believes in him and he’s good to go. Hopefully we hear some positive things about Trick’s situation in the months to come.


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