Chop Shop Barbershop – Some call it Miami’s Best Barbershop…


Without even being in business for 5 months, you had the The Best Barbershop In Miami moniker attached to the newly-found Chop Shop Barbershop. It’s a tagline used by many of Chop Shop’s satisfied customers that have made sure to keep the barbershop’s name heavy in the streets. So what makes Chop Shop the unique phenomenon that many claim it is? It’s the result of a themed interior design that simply separates Chop Shop from every other barbershop in Miami, and probably the rest of the United States, even.

The shop is designed to look and feel like a real chop shop. From the leather racing chairs that double as seats for waiting customers, and the grungy rim clock by the front counter; these details are what’s key to creating a memorable first impression to newcomers of the shop. The style and concept of the store is what will keep them coming back. There are a couple arcade games in the back, a few flat screen TV’s to be able to kill some time on the PS3 while waiting for a haircut, and you even have DJ Fingerprints (of Power 96 fame) that spins in-store every Friday. You won’t just get a haircut at Chop Shop, you’ll get an experience.

Big Ed and Amir, who are brothers, partnered with long time associate Nut to open Chop Shop Barbershop earlier this year. Big Ed, who is the face of the company and manager of the shop, wants to make it clear that Chop Shop was not an overnight creation. The Chop Shop Barbershop that we see and know of today has been in the making for about a decade.

The original Chop Shop Barbershop came by way of Big Ed, who was the owner of the original Chop Shop in the late 90’s via its location in Patterson, New Jersey where Big Ed, Amir and Nut are originally from. The name of the barbershop was the same, but the concept and interior designs were not yet in place. Eventually, New Jersey life became stagnant for the three friends and the appeals of sunny South Florida became more of a desired way of life. Big Ed sold the business in early 2000, packed his bags and eventually met with Amir and Nut to take on life in the 305 with full intentions to come to Miami and make some early-retirement money. After 7 years of making legitimate contacts and prosperous business moves in South Florida, the idea of a Chop Shop Barbershop in Miami started becoming more and more real to them and finally came to fruition on Sunday, January 16, 2007. That date was the official public unveiling and grand opening of the shop.

Chop Shop is a barber’s barbershop. You have all races and creeds that hold on to a pair of clippers at Chop Shop. All the barbers have the tools they need to look forward to coming to work each day because they know they will make money. Big Ed treats all his new barbers with the admiration of giving them three or four weeks of free rent on their chair so that they can familiarize themselves with how things works. But most importantly, he does that so they can start to build their clientele. Its small gestures like these that secures the barber’s needs, which in turn provides to secure the customer’s needs.

Chop Shop Barbershop is an epicenter for all age groups, nationalities and income ratios. From old men to aspiring emcees, and from local celebrities to prominent lawyers, different walks of life step into Chop Shop on a daily basis. That can be proven by their Hall Of Fade, which is their growing collection of Polaroid’s mounted on their walls that show images of their top clients and memorable characters that have slid on in to take a peek at one of Miami’s newest urban wonders. Chop Shop barbershop has the ingredients it needs to become a mainstay in Miami.

Story & Photos By David Rosario

Chop Shop Barbershop
7283 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33138
S: 305.756-8102

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