3 Brits & A Canadian


Even though the title of this post suggests otherwise, this is not the beginning of one of those walk into a bar jokes. This is an article on the above artists and an opportunity to hear some of their music. Every Thursday, we’ll try to give you a fresh taste of music. Whether locally based music or music from beyond our borders. And by “borders”, I mean the Dade County line of course…

Allright, so where’s the Miami connection to this post? There’s not really much of one here. But what sparked this post was that Kardinal Offishall was in Miami last week shooting his video with Akon for Kardinal’s new single “Dangerous”. To me, the song is dope and I think that even though its Akon on yet another hook – it just worked well. The video should be done soon and will be on blast via BET, MTV and online video sites. Check for it.

So with that, it kind of got me to thinking that Hip-Hop and R&B has as of recently seen an emergence of artists from our good ole’ ally across the pond (Great Britain) and a couple from our Northern neighbors up in Canada-land. Not to say that Kardinal Offishall or any of the following artists that I’m about to mention are anywhere close to replacing our American front runners – but the music coming out of Great Britain and Canada has been impressive as of late, and is starting to really garner a built-up momentum. The American Music & Record Industry seriously needs to stop looking at today, and start looking at tomorrow. In other words…they need to “step their game up”. Sales are going down and a lot of people have money situations that are getting tighter and tighter. So that means that the Record Industry is going to have to fight vigorously to continue to pick up the coveted consumer-spending dollars. I think that putting out quality music is the inevitable step to change with the times. Survival of the illest fittest. Take some hints from our foreign brothers and sisters that are putting out quality music.

So that’s my rant for this week. Here are a couple tracks by Estelle, Leona Lewis and Amy Winehouse (The Brits)….and then the new single mentioned above from Kardinal Offishall (The Canadian).


Esthelle – American Boy
Her first single, as well as a track that features Kanye West speakin’ rubbish on the verses.


Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love
This song really isn’t that unknown since it has taken pop radio by storm. But check it anyway. Her album is out this week.


Amy Winehouse – Fuck Me Pumps
From her first album from back in 2003, that many of us in America didn’t know she had. You NEED to check this album, its called Frank.


Kardinal Offishall – Dangerous (with Akon)
The Akon formula works again. First single from Kardinal’s new joint off Konvict Music.



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