04/05/08: Heart & Sole – Female Sneaker Fiends @ PS14 (Photos) – Plus, a homeless guy offers me a job


Heart & Sole - Female Sneaker Fiends

Just as expected, the first “annual” Heart & Sole shut down Miami’s PS14. Here are photos from the event PLUS a homeless guy gave me a job offer too good to refuse. Right.

Photos By DRO (www.davidrosario.com)


Heart & Sole rocked PS14 and had female sneakerheads (or should I say fiends) all up in the place. It was a dope atmosphere. Plenty of vendor tables and plenty of personal collections scattered through the pathway from the front of the venue and all the way through the back. Melodik, Major League, Protoman and others, rocked the crowd with fresh selections from each of their respective catalogs. Melodik definitely rocked the crowd and did a couple ill power moves on the dancefloor while there was a break in one of her songs. The sneaker battle got off to a slow start but after cherry picking through the crowd for contestants, the crowd picked a winner for the females (with the 1994 Neon Uptempo’s pictured in the main photo above) and a winner for the guys (with the 1990 OG Jordan V Grapes). Like Lex-One announced, this is set to be a yearly event in Miami and I definitely hope it does become that. Shout out to Charissa from Hi-Top Studio for hooking it up with the entrance, and as well for putting together a great show. Props.

Now, my new job opportunity
On a side note. I want to know how many people got played by one of the homeless dudes that were “charging” people 10 bucks a pop to park in a “free” parking lot. In fact, its not even a parking lot because from what I know, your car can actually get towed if I’m not mistaken. But people always park there anyways. Anyhow, so I was just chillin’ by my car handling a phone call and I was there for a good 15 minutes observing and watching this homeless dude flip it from asking me if I had some spare change so he can eat, to then seeing him walk away and pull out a wad of cash to supply change for the people trying to pay the “parking fee” that he was enforcing. After he saw that I had been watching him for 15 minutes, I guess he got shook that I was gonna kill his hustle, so he then asked me if I wanted a job and asked me if I wanted to work for him?

I was obviously confused and I told him “me work for you? Shouldn’t it be the other way around, homie?”

This man said “nah, I’ma hire you to stand next to me so we can charge these people to park. If I have you next to me, its more believable and I can double what I make. I’ll give you 30 percent of whatever I get.”

Seriously, you can’t make this kind of shit up. And, 30 fuckin’ Percent? Dafukouttaheer. But seriously, you would think that a man that has this kind of hustle mentality could make more for himself than walking around barefoot in Overtown with a bundle of cash in his pockets. More power to him I guess. I hope none of ya’ll fell for it.

So back to the topic at hand…here are the photos that you’ve been looking for….check them out. Holla.


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