Irreversible Magazine – New Magazine in the Miami art scene


A new magazine has stepped into the Miami art scene. Irreversible Magazine. I was actually doing a photoshoot over at Uncle Sam’s Records over on South Beach and I cruise by their magazine racks and see this gigantic poster-sized magazine overshadowing XXL, Fader, and pretty much everything else on the rack. It turned out later, that I know the designer that designs the magazine. All biasness aside, I can definitely say that the design is on point and even though it’s a new publication, the direction of Irreversible is going to definitely garner the attention of Miami’s elite art scenesters…that is, if it hasn’t already done so. Word-of-mouth travels fast. And word-of-blog travels even faster. So anyways, this Issue 02 cover is insane. There’s a big die-cut circle on the front cover and they snuggly fit a 45″ single in the cut circle of every magazine. And it turns out that every magazine has a different single placed in. That’s definitely a different and unique feature that I expect will give birth to alot of “shark biters” in the magazine game.

(Editor’s Note: “Shark Biters” is a term coined by Mi Gente Clothing, and in layman’s terms it basically means you’re a biter, a fake, a fraud, a copy-cat, etc)

Subscribe to Irreversible by clicking here. And here’s a little preview of the issue with the 45″ single…Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

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