Mi Gente Clothing: Only Built For Shark Biters

Mi Gente Shark Biters Tee Design

Mi Gente Shark Biters Tee Design

Mi Gente Clothing presented their latest design, “Shark Biters”, at this year’s Sneaker Pimps Miami tour date. This new edition was inspired by the re-release of the Jordan Aqua 8. The color combination of purple and aqua matches perfectly with those of the shoe and even complements the logo design of the shoe tongue. The added flavor of the shark is just a warning to all imitators who have copied their previous trademarked designs. Raekwon said it best when he said, They wanna use your lines all ahead of time before you even get a chance to shine on your own. The Shark N****S skit for the debut album, Only Built for Cuban Linx, was the other motivator that blended this piece together to complete the statement. Coincidentally, there were quite a few “Shark Biters” at the Sneaker Pimps show that are now being exposed on the Mi Gente Clothing website. Some of the noted imitators used their infamous phrases of Joe Knows and Just Suck It. As the industry knows, the Joe Knows phrase was debuted in Fat Joe’s “Make It Rain” music video featuring Lil Wayne.

Mi Gente don’t stunt, they just do it. For real though  -Fat Joe (Terror Squad)

Last week Mi Gente Clothing released the Fight The Power- DTRT design for their Suck My Kicks series. It was inspired by their classic “Fight the Power” shirt, Do The Right Thing! Jordan Spiz’ike shoe and movie. In less then 48 hours they were sold out. Due to the demand, they have run another limited batch of this design for their customers.

“Its crazy how we have people camping-out online, just waiting for our latest designs” – Safe Stadick (Mi Gente Clothing)

More Info: http://www.MiGenteClothing.com

– Press Release Courtesy of Dennis Paredes (Public Wizard, Inc)

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