Rudi Goblin Interview


rudi gobel photo by dro photography (david rosario)

Rudi Goblin Interview

Written By STRUCK & Photography By DRO
Originally Published on April 5, 2005

Rudi Goblin is 1/3 of Illiterats, ½ of The Mighty Mouths, part of the Parallax crew, one of the Flipside Kings (Breaking crew), and a member of D-Projects’ theater group. He just released his mixtape entitled Goulash Greens, which features members of his extended family and is currently in an upcoming theater production called Scratch and Burn. I got together with this dimensional emcee to see what makes him tick.

Struck: What is Goulash Greens?
Rudi: It’s a mixtape. Some get down shit. A collection of tracks I’ve done. I feel like everyone should be putting one out, all the time. Dropping an album is cool and all but I write all the time and that’s why I feel like everyone that does should put out a mixtape. There are times when I write verses and drop them at the studio to different beats. And as I did that more and more I had myself a mixtape.

So is there any original production on Goulash Greens?
There’s some original productions and a couple of verses over other beats. I put the “Hardly (Reprise)” from the Illiterats Infestations CD on there.

Do you think that people take local Hip-Hop for granted?
Its different now. We used to go out and jump into cyphers and share this art. Its like people don’t even go out to jams for the love of it anymore. The crowd doesn’t know how to be a crowd. Cats need to get out more, go to the beach and start cyphers. Start spontaneous cyphers up at the beach, the grove…everywhere.

Do you do that?
We start cyphers wherever we’re at. Me, Wrek, H20 just start rhyming. Once one of us starts, it inspires the rest to start too. We’re like that, this is what we do.

Goulash Greens! Where did the title come from?
Goulash is like a soup, a mix, like a gumbo. Greens are the veggies. I always refer to green cause of goblin, and I like green. We’re the veggies in the goulash. I also like alliterations and shit so Goulash Greens sounds dope. The original title was Goblins Green Goulash Goo.

It rolls off the tongue. Tell me about the Miami Light Project.
They commission all kinds of artists to do all kinds of shows. They do all kinds of work in the community. They commissioned the piece, Scratch and Burn, for D-Projects.

“D” stands for dissident…Dissident Projects. Like dissident soldiers and shit.

And the piece is called Scratch and Burn.
Scratch and Burn is an Anti-War piece. And it’s aimed more at universal war, not only the war in Iraq but the wars with gangs, offices, and conflicts within humanity. Its based on the rituals of war, like funerals. We base our movements on cultural movements used in rituals from different parts of the world. The piece is written and directed by Teo Castellanos and choreographed by D-Projects. He’s done mad projects, movies, and commercials. He has a one-man piece that’s about an hour and half called “Northeast 2nd Ave”. It’s been out for about 2 years. The last place I saw it was in West Palm Beach. Its about social politics/economics and the characters that some how interact the same day. It takes place in Miami. Its dope.

So when does Scratch and Burn open?
It opens May 12th through 15th, then we’re going to Chicago and headed to a couple of other shows after that.

D-Projects, how long have you been involved with them?
I’ve been with D-Projects for 2 years now and we’ve been working on this piece for about a year.

Tell me about the Flipside Kings.
Me and Lego been breaking since ’94, since we were in 7th grade. We went to mad jams and we would break everywhere. We started to hit competitions and kept breaking. We’ve won competitions and been to different places.

Where has breaking taken you, where have you been?
All over California, New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Chicago,
Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Canada, Japan, and a lot of other places those are a few off the top.

So how does a Flipside King get into theater?
2 other members from Flipside Kings are in D-Projects too, Lego and Xeno. It’s like evolving from rhyming, and breaking. It’s just something I do. I put the same amount of energy into everything being rhyming, breaking, acting, theater, spoken word, and whatever you want to call it. There’s a huge difference between dancing to the vibe (breaking) and moving your body to express certain points with focused movements. It’s the next step.

Along with Goulash Greens, you have a single floating around called “Ya Dig” with production by Plex. How did the collabo happen?
We were at the studio one day vibin’ and he tells me “I got a loose beat” I was like “I got a loose verse, lets do this”. We recorded it, DJ Sharpsound did the cuts and here it is, “Ya Dig”. The original song is over S beat, so the remix is out before the original. That’s going to be the first track off the Chewin’ the Fat EP, hopefully out this summer. I also got an album coming out with Sharp Sound, which is his beats and my rhymes. Wrekonize has a mixtape coming out called Automatic Frank. It’s an alias of his. Also, be sure to expect Parallax presents (is a compilation), the next Illiterats album and the Might Mouths album. And its all evolved. From beats to lyrics, we’ve grown so much since our last projects. Its funny cause we’re like artistically bipolar. We’re workin’ on mad shit!


Note: You have to check out Scratch and Burn, for some culture! Goblin’s focused and it’s evident in his work. From being an EmCee to a Flipside King and now entering Theater work. This is Something that’s not seen much is the evolution of Hip-Hop. A poet turns into a spoken word artist, then an EmCee and so on; in any order you’d like. Never limit your self, move and grow pass your limits. Hip-Hop wears many hats in this game of life, here is a good example of it, ya dig!!

For more information about the Flipside Kings go to:


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