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Florida hasn’t been too popular in recent years. Screwing up the 2000 presidential election and training the September 11th terrorists made the rest of America mad at us. We aren’t too popular in the hip-hop world either. When you have “artist” (and I use the term loosely) like Khia and Trick Daddy representing Florida, stereotypes are bound to be made. Some people may like Trick, which is understandable, but he is not the only form of hip-hop in South Florida. (If someone tells you that they like Khia, stop reading this and go smack them)

There is so much talent developed in Dade and Broward County, yet we’re limited to the misconceptions popularized by BET and MTV. Miami hip-hop is much more than what Slip-N-Slide has popularized. It’s the people who drive to the Polish American Club to witness South Florida’s best emcees battle for pride. It’s the people who spend $25 at Who Can Roast The Most because the event is worth every penny. Its the people who spend late nights writing rhymes and banging away at that MPC or Korg Triton in order to make the one song it takes to blow up.

That is why when I’m on the Internet and the best hip-hop scene is discussed, I’m not afraid to say, “Miami isn’t the best, but we’re sure as hell one of them.” People last year were in awe about Jin’s battle skills, yet they don’t show Miami respect. How? Jin was raised here, developed here and beaten by other emcees FROM here. I was very glad to see Jin get to that level and sign to Ruff Ryders. Its good to know that somebody who just a year ago was trying to get the same recognition so many down here are striving for actually obtained it.

What will it take for Miami’s hip-hop scene to be respected? One word – support. We have the talent and resources necessary to bring South Florida to the next level, the missing element is support. When you see someone talented selling their CD in the record store, BUY IT! Rappers from across the planet come to Miami to shoot their videos and then leave. We need to reach a point where WE are the ones making videos in OUR neighborhoods. So if hip-hop means as much to you as you say it does, prove it!

– Written by ENAGEE


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