October 2002 Song Rotation :: Music From Local Artists



Song of the Month :: Skam2? – This Is Dade
It’s really no surprise that in the opening month of the site, a hometown anthem is chosen as the song of the month. What is a surprise is that it’s a hard-hittin’ yet still melodic track. Skam2? delivers while talking about his mindstate, hometown and drops gems all over the place.

Da All f/ Noreaga – That’s Crazy :: I am no fan of anything involving Noreaga, but I’m still able to enjoy this song. Da All deliver some entertaining verses and the beat is simplistic yet effective, making this a dope song.

DJ JS-1 f/ E-Famm & Rise – Arrogant :: DJ Kno gave a beauty of a beat on this one. Substantial sets it off nicely, Tonedeff kills it, Pack FM ressurects, slaps it and then lets Rise murder it once again.

Dynas – Miami :: I heard the first 10 seconds and knew I’d like it. Dynas represents the M-I-A very well, coming off much better than what the usual hometown anthem is. Everything about this is sick.

IDee4 – Say Word :: Deadshot and Lidl Man have perfect timing as they trade lines about the rap industry and an ironically funny story. This proves that underground emcees can make entertaining music.

JinThaMc – I Don’t Know :: This is Jin’s chance to vent against his haters and he does it well. I don’t know (no pun intended) whether or not he will suceed in hip-hop, but this is a great step in the right direction for him.

Soul What? – Soul Who (Extended Mix) :: Over the beautiful guitar loop by Patterns, the group redid the song and added a verse from Potential. The thought-provoking lyrics add to make this the group’s best song ever.

Street Light Poets – You Ain’t Me :: I usually hate songs about haters, but I like this. I guess the insanely dope beat has something to do with it. With a song this catchy, don’t be surprised if they listen.

Symbols of Speech – How Ya Livin :: Four words: RI-DIC-U-LOUS! S.O.S. created pure hotness here. The track hits on all cylinders from beat to flow to lyrics to chorus to whatever the hell you’re looking for.

Tonedeff – Ridiculous :: I hate using cliched puns with the title, but this song really IS riduclous. The beat is grunge-like but still appealing and Tone’s tongue twistin’ and lyrics are you guessed it – ridiculous.

Older Songs Archived:

Da All f/ Dynas, Skam & Others – F.O.T.’s Part 2 :: Miami is full of people from other cities who disrespect the natives and the area. Da All and guests make sure to address and silence the “fake outta towners” out there.

Dynas – My Biz :: Why are you concerned with the life of another man? Regardless of the reason, you need to listen to this song and mind your own and listen to this song. It hits on all cylinders.

JinThaMC – Sober Thoughts :: Whether he’s saying “I don’t vote, only care about dead presidents” or “Times is rough, I’m seein’ drive-bys on sesame street”, Jin laces this song with witty lyrics over this Hedrush beat.

The Marxmen – Tropical Storm :: What is now SLP was once The Marxmen. Over the Mobb Deep “Quiet Storm” beat, Gold & Filthy Rich are much grimier and battle-oriented. The song’s ok, its just a mixtape thing.

Shield Assualt Squad (S.A.S.) – The Hijack :: An emcee is often faced with the frustration of being ignored. The S.A.S. responded to that by taking a studio hostage…well, in the story at least.

Shield Assualt Squad (S.A.S.) – Southern Burn :: Nick Fury is a master behind the boards. This song serves as evidence to that. The S.A.S. attack the beat that he created and make this song as we say, “a banger”.

Shield Assualt Squad (S.A.S.) – Temple of Doom :: When life beats you down, emcees pick up a pen and vent. This not so familiar form of social-commentary is a nice balance of hyped and relaxed sounds.

Skam2? f/ Eminem – 365 :: You’ve never heard of Skam? If not, expose yourself to this song right now. Skam and Eminem, yes THE Eminem, let people know what they’re trying to do in great fashion.

Symbols of Speech – The Sixth Day :: Its only natural that a song that features hyped choral backdrops and two hyped emcees would be hype. SOS talk about their purpose in hip-hop, religion, and life in general

Symbols of Speech – When Least Expected :: DJ Phenom combines a very commanding drum loop and strings to allow Intrikt and Cloud 9 to deliver great verses. The chemistry between the two makes this song hot.

Older Freestyles Archived:

Architext – Underground Show :: In order of appearance, Etch-One, ENAGEE, and Problematik rhyme on the Underground Show of Radiate 88

Dynas – DJ Epps Freestyles :: Over a relaxing beat, Dyans drops a nice mixtape freestyle that was released on a DJ Epps mixtape (duh!)

JinThaMC – 93.5 Freestyle :: While doing a show in Toronto, Canada, Jin stopped at 93.5 FM and did a 6 minute-long freestyle over “Who Shot Ya”

JinThaMC – The Cipher (Week 6) :: Taken from The Cipher radio battles hosted by Al.B on 99 Jamz, Jin goes against challenger Lady Lyrik

JinThaMC – The Cipher (Week 7) :: Taken from The Cipher radio battles hosted by Al.B on 99 Jamz, Jin goes against an unknown challenger

J-Pure and Nimrod – Freestyle :: J-Pure and Nimrod drop a mixtape freestyle laced with rugged battle raps and flows as well

Tonedeff – 24 Hour MC :: Over the classic beat “Who Shot Ya”, Tonedeff delivers a tongue-twisting verse for the 24 Hour MC project


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