REVIEW: Soul What – The Beatdown Sessions – (2002)



Soul What – The Beatdown Sessions
Soul What Productions (2002)
Reviewed by: Terradome

Honestly, I don’t know what Soul What is doing with this thing. With the momentum that the group built with their Questioning Reality EP, I was expecting something new, but this isn’t. I was under the impression that the Beatdown Sessions would be a new release featuring the group’s new material but the only thing new about this was the cover. I’m not trying to knock Soul What because they make good music, the problem with this is that we’ve already heard this particular music.

The Beatdown Sessions start off surprisingly well. A nice blend of strings and drums come together to form the beat for “Beat Down” that is perfect for Logics’ verse about the state of hip-hop. “Stop askin’ me how to rhyme or what MC stands for/ so what’s it stand for? Well at the moment it might collapse/It used to stand for moving crowds before it fell to making crap” he rhymes. Decent follows with an equally thought-provoking verse. I was most entertained by when he said, “There’s a whole lot of words to say, just to say the least/And there’s a whole lot of bills to pay if you get paid to teach.” Then there’s the extended version of “Soul Who?” with Potential’s new verse. The other members redid their’s with much better flows and delivery making their best song even better.

The session’s still going well until the fourth song. “Re-Evolution of Sound” is another Decent/Logics collab that doesn’t leave the listener walking away with much. I can’t really pinpoint what’s wrong with song, but it failed to grasp me. Next is an entertaining song by Parable and Potential in which they have a nice back and fourth flow, but there’s a problem. Maybe Soul What doesn’t notice this, but people listening to this song WILL NOTICE that they are using the same drum kits over and over again, which makes the beats sound repetitive.

I know this is just a mixtape type of thing, but I think that Soul What can do better. By the time you get to track #8, its nothing but freestyles from the radio and battles. I think Soul What’s time would have been better spent had they just focused on making a full-length album or even another EP rather than make a CD with stuff that should just be uploaded to their website. I still respect Soul What and know that they have great things to come, but the Beatdown Sessions is not one of those great things.


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