REVIEW: Deaf To The General Public – (2001)



Deaf To The General Public
Counterflow Recordings (2001)
Reviewed by: Dro

Without giving a damn what the general public thinks about how a record should sound, Deaf To The General Public combine five unfiltered songs into their first release on Counterflow Recordings. Group members Serum, Mindshift, Soarse Spoken, MisterMingusInsight and Solo-man Spectrum showcase great lyrics over great production. Over the jazzy backdrops provided by Manuevers, Mindshift, and So On, the crew create the perfect definition of hip hop with a message and emotion. You can’t help but notice that grimy analog sound to the record, which is the same element that gave Wu Tang Clan’s Enter The 36 Chambers their uncut and raw sounds.

The single starts off strong with the A-Side’s “Storytellers Story”. The beat is incredible with slow paced percussion coming from every angle and piano keys that give it so much color. The squad spits in cipher-format, telling a story, which I won’t ruin for you, with a simple and effective moral that is acknowledged at the song’s end. The third track on the single is “Gangstah (Accept Existence)”, which has MisterMingusInsight over an exceptional beat.

Sparking off the B-side is “Monkey’s In A Cage” which is another exceptional track that is drenched in political nature. Serum’s spoke with an impressive flow that accompanied his even more impressive words: “Intoxicated systematic education/is perpetrated…the plom of guns is fabricated wearing the ancient mason cap and gown fashion statement i instated…symbolic to their four corner cap we been trapped in their four corners of thought, astounding, the walls are closing in your surroundings.” No matter who you are, you can interpret the words in the song and benefit from its lyrical lessons.

Continuing through the B-Side is “Rollercoasters”, which has a RZA-styled production. The beat is choppy and when the chorus drops, the beat takes on a completely different form that makes it even more dramatic. Soarse Spoken stomps down on studio thugs by saying, “one hit wondrous bums who front like they flip keys for hundreds of funds but only flip cheese for dozens of buns…and burgers”. When I heard him flow those lines, i stopped my turntable and just laughed my ass off. Its that dope.

While the rest of the single does prove to be note-worthy, it lacks the mass appeal of “Storyteller’s Story” and “Monkey’s In A Cage.” Though Manuevers is an outstanding producer, the only flaw of the album is the constant slow-tempo that is repeated from track to track. “Full Cycle” which has spoken word influences on the rhymes with tribal sounds incorporated within the beat serves as an example to the lack of variety in sound. Besides that, I give DTGP infinite props for putting out a solid piece of vinyl displaying that there are supreme thinkers in Miami hip hop.


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