REVIEW: Da All – Spanish Fly b/w Maintain



Da Alliance – Spanish Fly b/w Maintain
Crazy Hood Productions (1999)
Reviewed by: Steez

This vinyl from CHP camp has classic written all over it. “Spanish Fly” is blessed with a lovely Spanish guitar sample and drums from Drain. Tag-team rhyme schemes, courtesy of Heckler and Harlem’s Staxx Cordero, make the beat seem like it was destined for them. Staxx sets if off saying, “I’m talking flows and rhymes i kicks all the time / these lines legit i feel so divine…it takes more than staxx to rip a fuckin’ track, making up for what a wack bitch lacks.” Heckler compliments Staxx’s charisma with his cocky flow and words like, “look around yah, that’s right, abre los ojos / tenemos todos, spanish fly, hip hop, somos / NY’s finest, rap attack, its stax / plus the heinus, its heckler from the bottom of the map.” The chemistry is evident between the two, so it would be wise of CHP to keep Staxx in mind for future collaborations.

“Maintain” is the b-side that has potential, but fails to have the same effect as “Spanish Fly.” The beat is decent, but lacks the personality of the previous track. Despite that, the song is still structured well and has its interesting turns. The chorus is delivered in a choppy manner but it is very effective and gets the concept of the song easily understood. Sadly, the lyrics are average and simple, making the song itself sound very average and simple. Regardless, don’t let that stop you from giving it a listen. You can visit Crazy Hood to find out how to get your hands on this limited edition vinyl and/or listen to sound clips.


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