REVIEW: Collabo Phases – Phase I EP



Collabo Phases – Phase I EP
Whole 9 Entertainment (1999)

Rarely do you get a chance to see some of Miami’s finest emcees and producers work together in order to record a compilation. Phase I, a limited edition vinyl featuring five extraordinary groups of emcees, is exactly that. It compliles a total of five songs, which are all worth the time that a person spent listening to it. A prime example of that is “Elements Of Evil”, a song barracaded by Da Alliance andStats with each individual taking on one of the elements of evil, which are jealousy, lust, revenge, greed and vanity.

Shield Assult Sqaud’s “Southern Burn” is the highlight track of the EP. Over an uptempo “jiggy” beat, the group doesn’t let a second of the beat go to waste. The only drawback to the song is what I assume a cell phone sound effect incorporated within the beat. “Pencil Fightin”, performed by the Street Light Poets, is a great song lyrically, but has a beat and hook that is uninspiring. Elohiem kicks off the song with his sarcastic, yet impecable flow claiming, “you’ll get returned to the dust like mummies unravelled / you gettin’ tangeled like tounge battles, bangin like judge gavels”

While the two remaining cuts, B-Dope’s “After Midnight” and Mudi Dialect’s “No Apologies, No Regrets”, are both good, they fail to capture the full potential of the artists. Both have excellent production and both have stick-like-glue hooks that fall short of being anything other than average. The Phase I project will probably stand out as one of the strongest complilations featuring Miami hip hop artists. The only thing that it leaves me wondering is, whatever happened to Phase II?


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